Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Wally pops up in or out of Amsterdam

Here is the next instalment of the Where’s Wally series. This time in two cities of the Netherlands – Amsterdam and Maastricht. Hopefully the captions say it all.
Here he is, trying to 'rip' the money of the back
of a shed by the canal in Amsterdam -
it was sealed, strongly / weatherproof

Yes, he really did this -
in the middle of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam -
I'm sure he'll end up in some other people's photo albums!

He saw some old Bordeaux and thought it
would be nice for lunch -
shame about the padlock (and the supervisor)

Just beside the Amsterdam zoo was a field with some
animal 'sculptures' made out of recycled materials -
this one put his arms out and asked for a dance

There he is, peeping out of the 'e'
not a strictly 'Where's Wally' activity as lots were doing it

Standing out the front pretending to be a graduate
in a little street in the old part of Maastricht

At last found some friends who would play with him for hours

Dartagnan lived and died in Maastricht -
maybe he is an ancestor!?
Can you see the resemblance?

Look closely at Wally's new party hat -
click on the photo to make it larger - the hat not the head :)

A shop in Maastricht that he was convinced was a typo

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