Sunday, 11 May 2014

Sepia Saturday – It’s OK to play games at the table

This week’s Sepia Saturday photo prompt is of two little girls playing games and an outdoor table.
I couldn't resist despite being swamped with proofreading for our Society's WWI book.

Among the large number of photos I scanned last time Mum and Dad visited there are a good number of kids (and some ‘grown ups’) having fun around tables. Who said you couldn’t have fun at the table?

The first: My great grandfather with his step children at the main table, and his children at the side table. My grandfather and his brother were close in age and had similar mischievous personalities as men, so I’m sure they were a handful as youngsters. This was taken around 1910 at Black Rock where they had a ‘weekender’, a little beach shack.


My mother in law pouring a cup of tea in the late 1920s – or maybe coffee as this was in the Netherlands. She lived in Lochem, Gelderland.


My mum and her sister having a tea party, 

and then a bit older playing ‘shops’.

Then my 2nd birthday party with a couple of neighbours.

A Christmas party in my grandparents’ lounge room, with my brothers and cousins, the children of Mum’s sister - and of course - silly hats!

My brother’s 5th birthday party around a table in the backyard with the same cousins who at that time lived next door - and more silly hats!

Now living in the Wimmera, the back of the Kingswood station wagon became the table, this time probably in the Darlot swamp near Longerenong where we lived. I’m guessing this is my 10th and my brother’s 8th birthdays because there are two cakes – our birthdays are two days apart. My grandmother is also in this photo, holding her newest grandchild.

And the last:
Same clothes, different table, different cousin (my favourite ‘big’ cousin – really Dad’s cousin but only 3½ years older than me), and a special guest seeking food – a kookaburra. This one was probably taken at Zumsteins in the Grampians (Victoria, Australia).


  1. You have a great collection here Jackie. I particularly like the second one, of your (future) mother-in-law pouring tea.

  2. I agree with Lorraine, a great party collection, and the one of the little girl pouring tea is lovely. I always feel I should add (to be) to my descriptions of children who many years later were to become my future ancestors or relatives. After all, at the time of the photos, they weren't my grandparents, aunts or uncles, they were just kids!

  3. It seems to have been quite common for children, especially girls, to be dressed alike (as in the photo of your mum and her sister playing shop). They look old enough to have chosen to wear the same dress at the same time. Interesting.

  4. Nice collection of happiness around tables! But my favorites have to be of your future mother-in-law pouring tea (or coffee?) - so sweet & angelic; and your mum & her sister playing shops. Boy, does that one bring back memories. We used to beg our mom to save food cans, cereal boxes, bread wrappers (which we stuffed with newspaper), milk cartons, & etc. so we could play "store" when I was growing up. Now - how times change! I wish I could "play" store instead of having to shop for real.

  5. Good to concentrate on the tables theme with great collection from the family albums. We had many a picnic from the back of a Kingswood Station Wagon too - and tonight we are not all that far from Longerenong - 2 nights in Warracknabeal.

  6. An impressive set that should win the prize for most tables this weekend. The photo of your mother-in-law would make a beautiful illustration for a greeting card.

  7. You’ve done exceptionally well to match the themes. I could easily have been at your birthday party- it takes me back!

  8. So many very worthy reasons to gather around tables together!