Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Trove Tuesday - Finding John Williams

In a continuation of my blog yesterday, trying to find out more about John Williams, father of John Brooks / Brookes, ancestor of my new cousin Barry, I turned to Trove.

John Williams is really not an easy name to search – so common, both names can be surnames or first names, and both names can be street names.

But, narrowing down year and state by using filters helped a bit.

I wonder if these articles could be referring to ‘my’ John Williams. 
It would sort of make sense if he had been convicted and jailed for something and that is why he was out of Jane’s life. 

Both these offences occurred in 1841, the year young John was born.

I also think maybe Jane and John weren’t married.
When Jane and Thomas Brook/Brooke/Brookes were to be married, they had to complete an Application to Marry (a convict). 
On this, Jane listed herself as Jane Cundell, not as Jane Williams. This was 21 September 1843.
Their daughter Mary Anne was born in July the following year, 1844.

I also found the death notice for John Brookes (son of John Williams) and so now know he died in Glenormiston and was buried in Terang - both in the Western District of Victoria where so many of the Brooks / Brookes family lived (and died).

Another couple of pieces in the puzzle.

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  1. Bit by bit we fill in the gaps. Wouldn't they be amazed at our interest in their lives.