Sunday, 2 March 2014

Sepia Saturday – A Family on the Rocks

This week’s Sepia Saturday photo prompt is a photo of three men on rocks with a telescope.

When I saw this it reminded me of two sets of photos in my collection – so this is the second two blogs I’ve done for this prompt.

The first blog was a day or two ago, and was of my Nanna and her family (and dog) in their ‘back paddock’.

This one is of my Pa and his family.

Strangely both these sets of quite similar photos were taken well before they met and married!

Pa, John Raikes GARRETT (1908-1992), used to tell my Mum (his daughter) about how he used to go on weekend drives.

Sometimes he would go by car with his father, brother and sisters, and other times on his motorbike.

They certainly look like they were having some fun clowning around and striking poses on the rocks – but again, look at the clothes – men in three piece suits and ties, ladies in court shoes...

Pa also told Mum he used to ride his motorbike out past the property where his future wife lived, not knowing her at the time.

Most of these photos are taken on rocks by the beach but I wonder whether some of these photos were taken in a different part of the same Stony Rises that my Nanna and her family also posed in.

My Pa is on the left, then his sister Shirl. Brother Noel is on right 
Pa is in the front with all the ladies, his brother Noel is back left.

Uncle Noel is on the lookout - without a telescope


  1. I'm impressed with how well they arranged themselves.

    1. Yes, interesting the picture you get of your grandparents and great aunts and uncles when you have old photos like these!

  2. What a rockin' collection of photographs. They sure looked like they were having fun!

  3. As a geologist, I am loving the rocks they are on!

  4. A great collection Jackie. It looks like they enjoyed each others company and had fun.

  5. The family and friends certainly had a flair for the dramatic. The lack of color may have encouraged posing on a rock instead of against the sea.

  6. A fine collection! You DO have a lot of "rock" pictures! Your collection is enviable in that it is of YOUR family.

  7. An impressive batch of rock photos!

  8. They are fantastic photos. Great poses and lots of fun.