Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Trove Tuesday – My ggg-grandfather at the Eureka Stockade

Coming from a family of Cornish miners (on Dad’s side), I didn’t expect to find an ancestor of Dad’s on the ‘other side’ at the Eureka Stockade.

This brief obituary is of my 3x great grandfather Charles Kelvey PEARSON (1827 – 1909).

I am descended from his eldest son, Frederick Augustus PEARSON (1848 - 1884)

It made me want to find out more about the military men of the uprising.

I found the following through Pandora – the wonderful collection of archived websites on Trove – don’t forget to look at what comes up in this section when you do your searches:
An interesting viewpoint of a military man (like my ggg grandfather).

To read more, go to the link above.

Another report of the uprising from Pandora:
Again, you can read more if you click the link above.

And yet another exciting find, in the Books section of Trove: a book on the Redcoats at the Eureka Stockade – the author: Neil C Smith. Exciting as I am going on the Unlock the Past genealogy cruise with my mum in February next year, and Neil C Smith is one of the speakers. I must get hold of one of these books. 


  1. That's a super exciting discovery!

    1. Does this mean that I will have to vote for Abbott ("the mad monk")? I always thought that we were on the other see.

  2. Wow. That opens up a whole bunch of research possibilities for you. How exciting!
    You'll have to visit the new Eureka Museum at Ballarat.

    1. Oh, I must look that one up. Maybe I can get Mum and dad to visit in the meantime. Thanks for the tip.

  3. A great story and happy researching on trying to find out more about your ancestor's involvement in the Stockade.

  4. Fascinating. I have used Trove, but obviously need to explore it more.