Sunday, 18 August 2013

Sentimental Sunday - Pa's Poems with photos

I have posted some of (my Mum's) Pa's poems previously but since Mum and Dad’s visit I now have photos to accompany them, so thought it worth repeating one and posting a couple of new ones.
cheeky little cousin Tony

Dear Jan
On Friday evening Jessie took her mother in to Colac to see the Doctor and Bill and Tony stayed here till she came back. Tony was full of beam and couldn’t keep still a minute. I took him out to water the lettuces and he tipped the bucket of water over and then put his foot in the dirt and I had to take his shoe off and clean it. Going home he was greatly taken up by the moon and when he say the lights in Cressy he just squealed with delight.

We were thinking of you all going back
As it would be so very hot on the track
And what with all the heat
Twas enough to make one stick to the seat.

It would be good to see daddy with the car
As it was much better than the tram by far
And when you got home I know you would need
And be sure to find a very good feed.
Mum, centre, with Ruffy

Ruffy would be please to see you home
And would be running round with a stone
But Sootie would be very genteel
And rub his head against your heel
            Greetings to Mrs Smith
            From Mr Jones

To Janet from Pa
Nanna and I are having a good time
With breakfast in bed every morn
And the weather has been so very fine
watching the boats turn about
And the beds so nice and warm
We sit at the foot of Teddy’s lookout
When we go down to the town
And watch the boats as they turn about
And buy some sweets for half a crown

We met a gay party from Weering
But couldn’t get much of a hearing
They went down on the rocks
Without any socks
And you should have heard them cheering

To Janet and Ann from Pa
Once upon a time there were two little girls
waving at the train
Who stood on the gate with their hair in curls
And watched the train as it raced past
And waved their hands so very fast
That the driver smiled and waved them back
As he raced the train along the track
But since they left he missed them so
That his wistle he never now does blow
But when they come back to watch the train
You will hear his wistle blow again

Mrs Smith and Mrs Brown all ready for a trip to town

put this in because it is so cute!

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