Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Trove Tuesday – In the line of Fire(men)

Continuing on from last week’s post about fire fighting relatives / ancestors, my Dad reminded me that his side of the family had a fire captain too.

My 3 x great grandfather, James GRENFELL (1833 – 1896) was the first captain of the Long Gully Fire Brigade (near Sandhurst / Bendigo).

James had arrived in Australia with his wife Nanny HATTAM (1836 – 1915) and four children in July 1866 on the FitzJames and settled in the Sandhurst area.

James was mine manager of the Old Chum Mine, Long Gully – more about that another post – this one is about fire fighters.

In August 1875, Captain James Grenfell received “a very handsome tea and coffee service…in appreciation of his services as captain for the past two years”. (I wonder where that went!)

I found a number of articles about his ‘great work’ but no photo yet. I’ll keep searching.

I have included a couple of photos (not from Trove): my brother and his son (just qualified this year) in their fire fighting gear - scroll right down.
They are 3 x great grandson and 4 x great grandson of Fire Captain James Grenfell – a long line of firemen.


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