Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Trove Tuesday – Educated Rabbits!

Continuing on from my ‘theme’ in my last blog post, I found some articles from the area where Uncle Abbie lived regarding rabbits.

Albert Charles Long was born in Laang in 1887 and died in Terang in 1975.

I couldn’t resist these two…
... one about how clever the rabbits were at Terang in avoiding the shooters, 
... the other about bringing rabbits to a Debating Society to donate to destitute people in Melbourne.

…and what more can I say but don’t you just love country newspapers on Trove!


  1. The best place to go Trovin' is in the country newspapers. So much information about the way of life is laid out for us in great detail. Love the rabbit stories.

  2. I could feed a few destitute from the rabbits from our garden.