Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Trove Tuesday – A Wedding Compliment?

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How tall does a bride have to be to have it rate a mention in an article in the local paper, The Camperdown Chronicle? And not just once!

A misprint has meant that the phrase “tall bride, who was given away by” appeared twice – one line after another. I hope the poor girl wasn’t self conscious about her height as my mother and I both were at a young age.

Then, a couple of paragraphs further on, it mentions the bridesmaids and their “uncommon frocks”. I hope this was a common saying of the times and not an attempt by the author of the article to hide the fact that they didn’t like the dresses.

This was the marriage of William Hill STONEHOUSE (1908-1976) to Ethel Alma LEE.

Alexander and Sarah

My great grandmother was Sarah Henrietta LONG nee STONEHOUSE (1873-1953) and her favourite brother Alexander Logan STONEHOUSE (1870-1943), was the groom’s father.

My great grandmother (Sarah) and great grandfather Edward LONG (1872-1951) would likely have been at this wedding as they lived relatively close by, at ‘Watch Hill’ in Beeac, at the time. Sarah was an accomplished musician so possibly was one of the “several musical …items” mentioned near the end of this article.

My Nanna, Mavis Fanshawe GARRETT nee LONG (1906-1982) may also have been at this wedding of her cousin, although she was married and living in Melbourne by 1936. Nanna must have been close to the sister of the groom, Anne Caroline Elizabeth McVey STONEHOUSE (1910-1981) as I even met Anne and her husband Athol Leonard HESKETH (1914-1979) a number of times.

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