Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Trove Tuesday - Timeline for Frederick


Some more about my lovely old 3x great grandfather I wrote about in my most recent post – Frederick ROWDEN.
Although the birth / baptism record I found for him has him as Frederick Artis Rowden, he called himself Frederick Augustus Rowden in Australia.
I wonder if it was a mis-print in the earlier records, or if he just liked the sound of it, or even if it was somehow inspired by his son-in-law Frederick Augustus PEARSON.

I found some good information on Frederick Rowden’s occupations, and premises, in the advertising sections of the digitised newspapers in Trove, as well as various other sources. 
All good to build a timeline.

1863  managing Chapman's business
1856, there are three ads in the one newspaper. Two of these are for a wide variety of instruments for sale and a third offering tuning and repair of pianos.
1863 he was engaged to “superintend the [music and musical instrument] business” of a Mr G Chapman.
1864 - 1865 Sands directories (Melbourne), he was listed as a pianoforte maker in Stephen street.
1869 - 1870 Sands directories (Melbourne) he was listed as a piano tuner in Mackenzie street.
1882, his music warehouse at 117 Swanston street, offers “Zither lessons (easy method)”.
1883, he has a much larger ad, offering a wide range of musical instruments and “music by every steamer”.
1884, in the probate of his son there is an affidavit sworn as a surety stating, "that I am residing in George Street Fitzroy and have my place of business in Swanston Street Melbourne aforesaid". There is a mention earlier in the same document regarding No 117 Swanston St.

As he lived until 1919, I still have more work to do.

Many of the ads in the Trove newspapers are not well OCRd and so it is a difficult process to find what you are looking for. 
Just another challenge.

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  1. Reads well Jack, pity we don,t still have the property. We could have kept the Garrett house overlooking Fitzroy Gardens. Sell them and go on a holiday