Sunday, 23 December 2012

Sentimental Sunday - Christmas through the years

1938 at Wilgul

My Mum really enjoyed her ‘early’ Christmases with her maternal grandparents, Edward and Sarah LONG in the western district of Victoria.
Mum talks fondly of these Christmases – probably why she always tries so hard to get us (her three kids and families) together for Christmas with all the trimmings.
I used to try to avoid these group photos – sometimes by being the one behind the camera, although I had to ‘fight’ with my Dad for that excuse.
But, looking at these photos, taken across the years from 1938 to 1950, I can really see the benefit of those posed family Christmas shots!

Some of Mum’s recollections to go with this great set of photos (in her words):
We always had Christmas with them.
1940 at Wilgul
The Christmas pudding had lots of ‘things’ in it – money, threepence and sixpence, and trinkets – a ring, a shoe and more, that we would exchange for money. It was very exciting to find all these things in the pudding. There was always brandy sauce too.
We always had a big turkey for Christmas. I remember seeing her pluck them and the chooks out in the scullery. I watched.
I used to pod peas. The potatoes were peeled with a knife – there was no peeler.
Nanna only had one or two hats – they were grey or black.
You had to wear a hat to church but she didn’t wear one many other times.

1941 off to church
1942 off to church



1950, Pa Long's last Christmas


  1. It's time you learnt how to set the timer on your camera and jumped into the photos. :-)

    Happy Christmas to you and Mr Jackie.

  2. How precious are these pictures!

  3. My photos came up well. Stay tune for the next round - had to stop because mum flooded me with them