Friday, 27 April 2012

A Sneaky Genealogist!

Most of you know how obsessed Paul has become with golf lately. Well, I’m going to be a very considerate wife and allow (well, encourage) him to play in Cornwall. One of the ‘must play before you die’ courses is Cape Cornwall, not far from Penzance and St Just.
Of course, this is a difficult course, being right out on the far western coast of the UK – on the cliffs, and then he’ll need a good stiff drink or two to relax. This will give me a good 5-6 hours to drive the 30-45 mins or so to the Cornish Studies Library or the Cornish Family History Society.

A few sets of my 3 great grandparents came from Cornwall:
James GRENFELL and Nanny HATTAM came to Victoria, Australia in 1866 from St Just in Penwith.
Philip BLUETT and Mary Jane HUNN came to Victoria, Australia in 1871 from Tywardreath / St Austell.
Theophilus OLD and Mary Ann SPEAR came to Tasmania, Australia in 1844 from St Merryn, Carnevas and Padstow.
William LAITY and Elizabeth FRANCIS came to Victoria, Australia in 1852 (William) and 1868 (Elizabeth) from Padstow.

Their offspring continued to marry within the Cornish community right down until my grandfather, Keith GRENFELL. I guess this probably make me 25% Cornish!

I now have to get organised to pre-order various items to view. Unfortunately our dates haven’t worked out well for the Cornish Records Office as they close one week a month and this is the week. I think I have enough to follow up on without them.
...and gives me an excuse to go back sometime (soon)!

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